Thursday, 4 September 2014

Artwork and Travels

  Traveling can be difficult. With the busy rush of this day and age bringing work along while traveling can make travels more difficult. Traveling with painting equipment and supplies can be more difficult. Does it really have to be as hard as one perceives it though? Not really.

  Currently I am traveling from Michigan to New York and Boston for a few weeks. Bringing along the utmost essential supplies and leaving behind the others. Packing light with one small bag is all that is needed.

  Myself, I am able to work with any media. This gives life as an artist a wide variety. Not to mention, it accommodates access to an easier travel as an artist. My list below includes supplies that I brought along with me. Thus far, I have accomplished a few paintings with minimal supplies.

*Watercolor Pencils
*Watercolor Paper
*All Media Paper
*Variety of Sketch Pencils ranging from HB to 8B
*Charcoal Pencils (white and black)
*Sketch Pad
*Small container for a little water
*Black Ink
*Watercolor Brushes
*Small fine thin talon paint brush set (variety pack for detailing)
*Canon 600 HD camera
*SIM Cards (2-5)