Saturday, 30 August 2014

A Life Without Words

   Lately I have found myself living a silent life in the blog world. For what? Beating my head against a wall struggling to figure out new marketing techniques in the art world is painful. Especially when all this time the key to success is a the tip of my fingers.

  Blogging is necessary in the art world. We live in a world of technology. By 2015 the average person will consume 15.5 hours per day of media consumption.  According to Science Daily, a source for the latest research news. This includes time spent on television, social media, computer gaming, etc...

  This is an abundant amount of time for humans to read information put out there by people such as myself. With new art being created and words being blogged this is a fantastic way of marketing.

  Why do people want to know of a great artist? What was that artist thinking in there head when they painted that? Why do artist do things differently? What makes them unique in this world that after they die they appeal to others more?

  These types of questions I will answer for you and many more in my posts within my blog.



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