Wednesday, 25 April 2012

How to Price Art

It often takes a good amount of time attaining a painting to the phase where you’re appeased with it is strenuous. Concluding a price for it can be more burdensome. Make your art look worthless by pricing to low can be the worst. Not to mention you are most likely going to also lose money rather than make it. On the other hand overprice yourself and you risk never selling anything. Your personality, experience, and stage your art career is at can be good determining factors for how you decide to approach the it. The mild avenue can be easiest when you are first beginning. All paintings that are the same size all have the same price tag, regardless of the subject, how long it you to finish it, or how much you happen to like it. Your price list set out by size, with an additional set premium for commissioned paintings over finished paintings. Then there are a few more complex avenues for pricing your art. The first is to spend time visiting galleries and studios in your area and target market(s) look for similar type of art and note what it is selling for. Retail yours to compete. Selling directly only can open the opportunity to offer "special deals" to make people feel like they’re getting a bargain (not through a gallery).(If you’re also selling through a gallery, never undercut their prices as you’ll undermine your business arrangement with them.) Moving on now to a more mathematical avenue where the price is measured by the area. For this you must decide on a price for a square inch (or centimeter), then multiple the area of a painting by this, then round it up to a sensible figure. Most people will use a calculator for this approach, but if you can do it with mental arithmetic then you never have worry about a client who wanted to buy the painting off your easel getting bored standing around while you hunt for one. Personally I do not use this method. Time to walk side by side down the avenue with those who collect your art. You got it. Looking through the collectors eyes sometimes can be very beneficial. Not just thinking outside the canvas but thinking inside the investors needs. Some people who buy art do it for investment reasons, and they want to believe the value of the painting they have of yours is increasing. Read enough financial news to know what the current rate of inflation is, and be sure to increase your prices annually by at least this much. I tend to use this approach often. Not at all opposed to strolling down the creative avenue I will also price this way at times. Have a good tale to tell with every painting, hinting at it in the title, to create a sense of buying a bit of the artist’s creativity, not just a produce. Write or print it out on a little card to go with the painting to its new home. (Be sure to put your contact details on it.) Hide your prices in the small print because it's so uncreative to talk about money. Nonetheless, the medium used can also be another way to configure a proper pricing. Oil paintings of mine are priced higher than any other medium.

WWE, My son, and me

Last night I was able to break away from my busy life and relax at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan watching the WWE Smackdown Event.
My son as anxious as ever to see them wrestle in person had such a wonderful time.
When the fire came from the ground with a loud bang my son jumped from his chair and grabbed his heart,"Mom they are gonna make my heart stop! That was so cool!"
Thanks WWE for the great performances!!!! My son and I really enjoyed! All photos or any parts of photos are bound by all international copyright laws. Any reproducing, tagging, or copying of these photos can be subject to prosecution. These photos are copyright Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo and WWE.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Impressed with Impressionism

There is a feel about it. A certain essence that leaves me with a comforting feeling. I am positively impressed with impression painting. The colors and the style are very pleasing to my eye. Impressionism was an art movement in the 19th century that originated with a group of Paris-based whose independent exhibitions brought them to prominence during the 1870's and 1880's. Admittedly I favor anything pertinent to France. Someday in my later years I will return again to France to visit the museums and explore more of the art world and history there. It has without a doubt taken me sometime to figure out which style of art I enjoy most painting. Although it has been a long hard road fighting through my busy mind I have came to the conclusion to be a Master Fine Artist in Impressionism. It is my desire to become better with each stroke of the brush. Through impressionism I feel I am able to be most expressive and apply all my abilities to this style. Confessing though I may sneak in another style every now and then. For the most part I will be heavily devoted to impressionism. Here are a few pieces to enjoy: Art Prints Sell Art Online Art Prints

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Who really named it French Toast?

This morning I decided to indulge in  some french toast made from french bread. Recollecting an English Lesson I was giving to a french business person from when I was living in Mauritius last year I sneared with laughter from my soul. In the lesson we discussed things in America named after French. French toast came up in the conversation. Without a doubt an English Teacher always wants to have an answer to that question for there students. The golden question asked by the student, "Who on earth named it French Toast because we sure didn't?"

The well defined answer is French Toast originated as an exclusive way to use day-old or stale bread. French breads are commonly known as becoming stale after a day. 

Whereas a stale, crunchy bread may seem unappetizing, soaking the bread in eggs and frying it solved the problem for many. The precise origins of the recipe are unknown, although a version appears in the 4th Century CE Roman cookbook attributed to Apicius.

There you have it French Toast from French Bread....YUMMMMMY!!

Bon App├ętit!

When your child gets bored with one hobby what do you do for them ?

Fishing Got Boring to Him so I peaked His Interest with Photography. My son who is ten now is discovering photography. With my Fuji Fine Pix 14 pixel in his hand this is his first day of adventuring out. This is one of his best photos he took yesterday. Although he has a little noise in his photograph her was able to capture a unique shot. We will have to work on clarity a bit more. Photography Prints Sell Art Online

Saturday, 14 April 2012

We Named Her "Angel On the Water"

She lives in the wild and has attached to us. This was the first time I photographed her. I happen to be one of those humans in which animals come right up to. She wierdly adopted herself to us. She lives in the Marina which is in my front yard. This is the first time I photographed her :Art Prints This is the second time I photographed her. Funny thing is I was telling her, "Wow you are a poser aren't you?" Suddenly it was as if she was a born model each time I said that to her she would turn every way for a new pose. My son whom is ten just laughed and said, "Wow Mom that is amazing. How do you get a wild animal to do that?" Art Prints We named her "Angel on the Water" we even feed her now. We began doing so tonight after she kept coming to me when I would call her.

Monday, 9 April 2012

God the Master Fine Artist

Do you feel that God is the Master Fine Artist of this Earth? I certainly do. As I stroll along this spring with my new Canon DSLR camera I recognize God's prismatic display of workmanship. Each day to me the colors seem to look more vibrant as I walk around. Perhaps it is due to being gone away from America for the past two years and now returning and spring beginning. Whatsoever it may be I appreciate and praise God for all that he has created for us!

Enjoy a little of what I see:

Photography Prints

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Art Prints

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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spring Ahead Exploring Some Photography

More Photography Exploration today as spring is just blooming in Michigan. Lovely day for it.

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Art Prints

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Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo The Fine Artist Invited To Participate Into The Third Round Of The 2012 PROJECT BERLIN

Pari Chumroo aka Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo the Fine Artist is excited to announce that she has been specially invited to participate into the third round of the “2012 PROJECT BERLIN”. Fused together Evolution and Revolution she will be producing a unique painting to identify the collaboration between the two and how they can closely resemble one another. 3.9 x 3.3 feet in size on a canvas she will well define Evolution and Revolution in a unique manner in a bold oil painting. Updates as she progresses and submits will be released in a press release.

Exploring Some Photography

As spring comes through into Michigan it supplies ample choices of earths beauty to capture. Capturing the true essence of this worlds fascinating colors is always a blessing. God shows me the colors he paints and supplies me with the opportunity to seize it as a fine artist. Taking full advantage of this I will be venturing out often and producing many pieces of Fine Photography and Fine Art to show of in this blog. Yesterdays adventure lead to some of these colorful pieces:

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Photography Prints

It is not always about catching the colors of the day but also the elegance and boldness of the evening.

Photography Prints