What happened in the brain of an artistic genius like Leonardo Da Vinci?

“Until now we had no way of knowing what went on inside the artist’s brain – although Leonardo tried, using anatomy and observation. But now we are finally unlocking the door to this secret world,” Prof Onians said. “We can also use neuroarthistory much more widely, both to better understand the nature of familiar artistic phenomena such as style, and to crack so far intractable problems such as ‘what is the origin of art?’”
Fields of studies try to understand, for instance, what drove the first artists 32,000 years ago to create the painings in the Cave of Chauvet. In what sense did they differ from previous people? And why do their paintings look the way they do?
What makes an artist such a special individual?
What Happens in the artist Brain like Leonardo Da Vinci and Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo
n the Brain of Leonardo Da Vinci studies have found the following:
These exposures influenced the artists’ visual preferences, a consequence of the ‘neural plasticity’ of their brains. Essentially, this means that the environment has trained them into liking certain things and disliking other things. Whether this is so or not can be discovered with the help of brain scans.
The reason is that ‘neural plasticity’ ensured that passive exposure to different natural and manmade environments caused the formation of different visual preferences.
It has been revealed that European artists such as Leonardo stood before vertical canvases.
From the brain of Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo she has found the following:

Creativity and Memorization play key factors in her brains ability to perform well as an artist. In every where she looks, everything she touches and smells she has learned to trigger her mind by senses of smell,touch, and sight to implicate effects into her paintings. Combined with her imagination while sitting before an empty canvas she closes her eyes to recollect the day. Throughout the day things seems to trigger her mind for her upcoming paintings. Not only while she is awake but also as she sleeps.
A major role of great memorization tactics have played a key to successes in Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo’s life.
There are times she will find herself beginning with what she has a slight idea of painting then finishing it off with a uniqueness. She has been considered an interesting and very expressive painter.
Angela Pari forces herself to trigger her mind in memorizing different things and recalling them on a drop of a dime with using word association as her biggest tool.
Forced to think with both sides of the brain most times she is a natural born left handed artist. She can will sign a painting for you with her left hand unless she signs with the computer mouse then she is only able to use her right hand. Painting with brushes on canvas can be preformed by her with both hands. While she is only able to draw and sketch with her left hand. If she were to paint you a digital painting it must be done with Angela Pari’s right hand though because her brain will not allow her to use her left hand to control the computer mouse.
Imagine your brain shifting and telling you what hand it wants you to be an artist with using different tools and medias.
These are things that happen in the brain of a historian and modern artist as he or she works.

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