Why should artist Blog?

Remembering that art is one form of communication which works well no matter what form people display it through. Artist can express their creativity through means of art and writing. Using both forms of expression really captures the interest of others.

Imagine buying a piece of art that you just had to have and keep for many years. Fifty years from your date of purchase you still are in love with the piece. You know nothing about the artist but the signature. Seeking for answers to why an artist did that piece of art or what they were thinking you can't find anything about that artist.

Think of it this way it's like owning a beautiful treasure box with no treasures to put in it. Art collectors thrive on knowing as much as they can about great artists. If you leave the collectors with more than just the art they collected of yours then you live them with a life time impression and full treasure box of gold.

Writing a blog can help with this. In a blog it is best to become one with your collector. Create a personal atmosphere for them.

Write about yourself and your art in the first person. Why do you make art? Why are you an artist? How do you use art to express yourself? Being able to answer these questions is good no matter what the circumstances. On your blogsite, people who feel like they're getting to know you, like they're connecting a human being with your art, are more likely to read more and possibly buy than people who don't make that kind of connnection.

Different bloggers will have different experiences of what attracts maximum traffic. It partly depends on the focus of your blog or pages within your blog.

Some basic tips are:

1.)Post on a regular basis: Google likes sites which update on a regular basis. I post to my main blog most days and it gets far more visitors than my relatively static website. Having a blog and creating a post only once in a while is a waste of time as it will NOT generate any traffic.

2.)Get out and about and visit other blogs - people will then come and visit you and if they like what they see then they'll tell their friends

3.)Be persistent: Traffic usually builds slowly. However growth can be exponential once you get know as everybody tells their friends about this really good blog they've found!

4.)Make your opinion known. Again this is becoming personal with your readers. They are most likely to leave a comment or opinion if they know what your opinion of the subject is as well.

5.) Write less in a post. The long the post the most likely your reader to either get tired eyes or loose interest. Write less in each post and give them the craving to return to your blog again to see what you have written about next.

Enough said on that note....you will have to return later for more tips from me :)

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