Friday, 19 August 2011

Inspiration and Eagerness

Life can be tough when a mind is young struggling to figure out what interest a young mind at the time. Children's mind change at a fast rate and are very curious.

Inspiring a child a young age to learn a new task is a must in today's world. A child must learn at an early age to be versatile and eager.

Little did I know when I first came to Mauritius of how many children I would inspire to draw. Each time my husband and I go to visit his Nanny and his cousins are there they pull out the sketch pads and papers. The boy is ten years and the girl is nine. The boy just gifted me an excellent set of colored pencils that came from Italy. Here is my first piece I drew from that set of pencils. Photography Prints

Then there is little Acheetah my niece and her brother Sahil. Acheetah is two years of age and Sahil is 10. Every time they come to visit me they come collect a sketch paper and a box of art supplies. Eager to draw me a picture I am left with a series of pieces from Sahil and Acheetah's visits. Acheetah is one of favorite people to paint and draw. I use her very often in many pieces of my art. Sahil is getting better each time he draws and colors a new piece of art.

Be eager to inspire someone in life. Even an adult needs some kind of inspiration especially in the business world. My quote I will make for today "Write a page or two you will inspire a mind to be eager to read your novel"(c)2011 Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo