Sunday, 26 June 2011

Makes me So Proud

She makes me so proud. My oldest daughter Michaela all grown into a lovely woman now.

Will be 17 in a few days and with the maturity of a woman much older. Talking to her is a blessing and a charm. Her insights on life so positive and geared in a successful future.

Seems happy and content with what she has. Very grateful and thankful for things in life. Respectful and well mannered. Fond of her grandmother I can see she has spent much time with her throughout the years and her grandmother has helped teach her a lot.

Expressive and opinionated she is also open to others opinions as well. This will lead her to a world of great success.

She is open on many subjects that others are overly judgmental about.

The little girl with the golden locks of curls in the little red dress tailored with white lace ruffles has all grown up into a very beautiful and well matured woman.

Painting many paintings to send her back home to the USA. One of her favorite subjects she wished a painting for is Lady Gaga.

Some may judge her and say she is way to much but Michaela shows a divine respect for Lady Gaga for being an expressive and well talented American Singer and Model.

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