Sunday, 23 February 2014

Photo Preservation

Preserving heritage in a photographic form,
Sherri and her mother Sidney managed to file 139 photo albums. Restored to there acceptance they file each photo in the correct albums then log the data about them. With the time, date, and location they manage their lives with photos. Talented and priceless I was at an awe when I seen this and spoke with Sydney. God Bless these women for preserving there family history well.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Pari Chumroo Fine Arts Photoraphy©Pari Chumroo


Dominic and Ana
Pari Chumroo with her snow marshmallow before she said 6ft of snow "I got to go" and moved from Michigan to North Carolina


Photographing for a day in Grand Rapids by the Grand River with my best-friend Shannon was very entertaining. I was able to capture some men enjoying the frigid waters for fishing. Her daughter Diamond's Birthday was the 19th, she turned 14. We went out for the day for a photography session. Diamond was so much fun photographing. In return she learned a little photography along the way when I handed her the camera by capturing photos of me also.

Pari Chumroo

Pari Chumroo

A fun, very happy child her emotions shined through the entire setting. The beautiful additive is we were all able to enjoy a sunny winter day playing in the snow also acting as if a snowball was a marshmallow on the end of a stick and roasting it over a graffiti marked garbage can.