Tuesday, 31 May 2011

"From Land of the Free to the Lonely Planet"

This is a book I am writing. I will continue to write in it a few times a week.

Where honor and dignity take pride in the nation. She stands tall as the eagle soars a watch over her. Rights and freedom are acknowledged and well expressed. No man truly goes hungry. Soldiers stand for their country not against it. Families support one another in times of need. Where life is cherished and death brings tears to an eye. Weep no more for this is the country in which I was born. The only country I would ever shed blood for. My homeland the United States of America.

People vary from color to color, country to country. Tongues open a wide range of dialect. Mankind stays strong and shed no tears even at the sound of death. True beauty capes from the mountains and soars across the island. The great Indian Ocean encases the land. While sugarcane blankets the grounds to form what is better known as the "Green Island"."The Lonely Planet" where once mankind resides all is forgotten. My home away from my homeland the island of Mauritius.

This is a story of my life from the Land of the Free to the Lonely Planet. In this book you will learn about my life from childhood memories of home in America to adult life and the fast growing transformation of society as a teen. I will also talk of things such as what cultural differences are like between America and Mauritius, freedom and expression, families and togetherness. Religions and politics. This story will be an ongoing story until my time in life has passed.

The flight was a long exhausting three days coming to Mauritius from America. My first experience of an international flight. Leaving from South Carolina then flying into JFK New York. Wow was that a big and nice airport. With time to kill before my flight leaving country I decided to wonder about and admire the shops inside the airport and grab a bite to eat. One of my favorite places to eat Buffalo Wings. I ordered spicy mango wings and french fries with a diet coke. I knew I was not going to eat much on the planes being I was not sure what they had to offer a hindu for meals.

I was nervous flying as I not only did not care much for planes to begin with and I was leaving home and going into many foreign countries. Although once I was on an international plane with Virgin Atlantic it was a much smoother flight than a smaller plane flying within the states. The accommodations and service was excellent.The first country I flew into was the UK. Also a large airport and very nice. By the time I left New York though my cellphone stopped working. So once I reached the UK I knew I had to call and let my fiancee (now husband Avinash) know I was alright. I wasted ten dollars trying to contact him and the call never went through. Finally I was able to get through on a collect call to my little sister Tabitha. She managed to contact Avinash and tell him I was alright but without a cell phone. I sat a long six hours at the UK airport before my next flight to Dubai. In such a rush to get to the next terminal to await my flight I lost my favorite plush white mink blanket.

Dubai the most beautifully structured airport! Made of marble with cathedral ceilings reaching to the skies. The customs there were so nice and talkative. The only customs I went through that made me remove my Nike baseball hat. One would have thought that leaving New York boarding an International flight this would have been required. Sadly it was not. Dubai was not a long lay over time. In fact they boarded us almost an hour early. Then off to Mauritius.

Wiping the sleep from my eyes to peek out the window and capture this view:

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My first sunrise of Mauritius. The most unforgettable of all above the Indian Ocean. As the clouds separated the skies the ocean opened up with the richest sea green and blue colors. Islands exploding from the deep waters. The sun rays peering thru the window made it hard to capture and ocean photo. Then finally the chance of capture arose only to hear the flight attendant announce all to turn off any electronic devices. The opportunity vanished.Sell Art Online Containing the vision in my mind I later painted this a scene in which I clearly remember being able to capture in my mind:
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Ile aux Fouquets was amongst the first ones to be discovered in 1598 by the Dutch settlers.

L'Ile Phare bears its name by virtue of a lighthouse built in 1864, which was still operational until beginning of the 20th century.

Historically, Ile aux Fouquets, situated within the bay of Mahébourg has fulfilled a strategic purpose during the naval battles at Grand Port.

Excited as the plane closer approaches Mauritius island I peer out the window to look down as we pass over Rodrigues which is a volcanic island rising from a ridge along the edge of the Mascarene Plateau. The tectonically active Rodrigues Triple Point lies on the seafloor nearby. Estimated to be from 1-4 million years old, over time Rodrigues has developed a unique environment, including many endemic species.

The plane began to circle around and around hovering the great Island of Mauritius. As green as green can appear to an eye the Mauritius Island flourished with the bold color. With sugar cane flowing from one end of the island to another. Gaining a great view from above of the dead volcano and deep hole on the island I look forward to the day my husband takes me there to see it up close. Never in my life had I imagined colors so vibrant. The sky the blues,the clouds the whitest and fluffiest, the grounds the strongest of the greens.

Together with Réunion and Rodrigues, Mauritius is part of the Mascarene Islands. This archipelago was formed in a series of undersea volcanic eruptions 8-10 million years ago, as the African plate drifted over the Réunion hotspot. They are no longer volcanically active, and the hotspot now rests under Réunion. The island of Mauritius itself is formed around a central plateau, with its highest peak in the southwest, Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire at 828 metres (2,717 ft). Around the plateau, the original crater can still be distinguished from several mountains.

The smallest airport I have flew into. S. Seewoosagur Ram. International Airport the main airport of this island. The landing went smoothly. Departing the plane was none of which I was used to. Stepping out onto the earth instead of a tunnel that leads into the airport. The heat sparing no soul.

Entering inside I sought after my luggage and then went thru customs. Then a walk out and a peer up to see the man that drew my heart to this island Kishore Chumroo (Avinash). So handsome and with a big smile when he noticed me. Right away he took my luggage.

Rain threatening a spritz or two it was no worry for man as it was there for a short minute. Driving to the house everything so vibrant in colors and different from the lands of Michigan in which I flew from.

Here it is custom to greet those in which you are staying with at their home with gifts such as a box of chocolates and bottle of liquor. So at the airport I picked out a bottle of liquor for Papa Chumroo and a box of delicious chocolates for Mommy Chumroo. 

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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hardest thing for an Artist to Paint or Draw

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It is said by many artist the hardest things for an artist to paint or draw is themselves. While I plug away at series after series I am trying to work in between galleries on my "Self Portrait" Gallery. I have yet render one that is exactly to my likings and features.I am coming closer and closer each try I give.

Although I have tried one in pastels so far. My future goals are to originate a few more in a variety of mediums.

My next one will be a drawing of lead pencil and possibly some charcoal as well.

Following that one I will create one of acrylics. Then move on to one is watercolors. Then finally a few in oils.

Many historian artists have painted themselves throughout the centuries in many different forms.

I am excited for this gallery series as I always enjoy challenges.

I will keep this post updated with my accomplished self portraits.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

When the most Unwanted becomes the most Needed

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  Worlds most unwanted turns to needed. This is well noted for happening in life. Not just in one particular subject, place, person, or object.

  When humans crave something the most is when its gone or the person or behind it has vanished. Take for example famous stars, famous painters, actors, even humans of the everyday life.

  At the time no one cared at the time. The thought of keeping the unwanted around did not appeal to ones mind. Taken for granted and considered wasted airspace.

 The unwanted all alone no life beyond what is known as solitude. Watching the rest of the world from afar wondering if there place in this big world for just one more. Not knowing when time will expire, not knowing if there will be a next day.

  Just a glimpse, just a thought, a simple care of the unwanted's being could change an aspect on life.

  Then all unwanted is departed. How will the unwanted reproduce? How will it's legacy live on? How can one live without the unwanted now that they have gone?

   Castaway into the corner to be filled with a collection of dust and not thought of a great polishing until the unwanted has disappeared.

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Never really about the Artist

   Never really about the Artist. Its about the soul that lies deep within the artist. The one who carries out a legend. Expressing life and all around them. Exploring and venturing into a world in which one will try and figure out.

  The emotions that run through an artist explode into the canvas like a volcano erupting. Often later an admirer of that canvas will stand there and wonder how the artist accomplished that and what was on their mind.

A good artist is said to strive to better themselves and learn new. While being able to handle constructive criticism. If its just really only about the artist then that artist don't need constructive criticism and there is no room for change or improvement in there career.

Its about binding with others alike and building relationships with fellow artists. Admiring there opinions and as well as their work. About respect and learning to forgive. After all a canvas can be pretty forgiving. It's pretty blank until an artist fills it with ideas and suggestions.

About the viewers and what they may choose to cherish of yours for many years to come.

It's about the canvas and rather its going to take a liking to your ideas that day. The paint and rather its going to flow well. The differences in mediums and if they can come to a compromise and meet in the middle.

About life and the ability to get through the hardest times while accepting falses and moving forward only to look back with the knowledge that you have learn from the mistakes, hard times and downfalls.

Expression and finding a way to well define it.

All paintings, images,and text are copyright © Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo of Do'minic Designs. No Materials contained herein may not be reproduced, copied, edited, published or downloaded in any manner or form. All rights are reserved. Any copying, altering, displaying or redistribution of any of the images without written permission from the Artist is strictly prohibited. All copyright owned by Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo is protected by US and International Copyright laws.