About Me

Angela Pari Do'minic Chumroo aka Pari Chumroo is an American/Mauritiun Artist who speaks english, french, creole, and hindi. Art pieces are often title with a french name or hindi.

Originated from the cold state of Michigan in the USA she now resides in the tropical island of Mauritius.

While the artist work varies she finds it interesting to paint everything in any form and subject she can. She enjoys challenging her mind and sees it best to paint all in order to accomplish this.

Has a deep passion for mixing medias but favors painting with oils and oil pastels.

Pari Chumroo credits her grandmother Marie Elizabeth Curtice for her art talent. She finds encouragement through her children, husband, and mother who are her biggest supporters. When she creates a piece of art she seeks for the unique identity to be brought forth in the piece she is creating (she is looking to make a one-of-a kind treasure) for her client.
She has art pieces in America and in Mauritius. Her first painting is buried in her grandmothers hands (of whom Pari inherites her artistic talents from) in America. Pari paints various forms of paintings including abstract, portraits, landscape, etc.. also included are custom paintings. Along with that sketch. She enjoys painting mostly and has sold many paintings in America.

Pari loves painting, spending time at the ocean, daily yoga and music.

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