Thursday, 30 June 2011

Shopping., Photo with Bruno Raya, and more....

Fun day at Port Louis today. Here in Mauritius shopping is always fun because there are so many little markets to browse around. So many colorful things and a wide variety of choices.

Today my husband and I were shopping for gifts to send home for my daughter Michaela and my son Ron who both have birthdays. Michaela turns 17 today and Ron just turned 10 on the 27th of June. I found Michaela this absolutely gorgeous heavy bracelet. With a butterfly on it and beautiful purple and other colored jewels. I am also sending her home a ring my grandmother Shirley gifted me a few years back. She has passed away now. I thought it would be a nice inheritance for Michaela something she can cherish always that is handed down from generations. Someday if she has a daughter maybe she will gift it to her daughter years down the road. We also included a lovely birthday card as well for her. For Ron we found the cutest little stocking cap in Mauritius African colors with an African logo on it. He also has a cute little card my husband chose for him included. Next month they will be getting another package from us which will include some paintings for Michaela.

We stopped and bought a few other things as well that we needed. Of course I had to restock my sketch pad and paper supply as well as colored pencils. There is an urgency inside of me that cannot go without because it is a must for me to sketch. paint, etc... on a daily basis.

Walked around a bit and took a few pictures as well. One photo I wanted to take of a fruit stand the man told me no I could not when I asked his permission that was after I bought a cup of fruit to. I figured he can't tell me I can't take a photo of the cup of fruit I bought. This fruit is one of my favorites. It is known as Lychee (Litchi chinensis)

The fruit is juicy and so sweet specially when it is in its peak ripeness. Ripe fruit has red to almost maroon red. It has bigger seed compare to other varieties, but it is one of the favorite because of its outstanding taste.

While I was trying to photograph the prison window here a driver in a van obviously sees me photographing so what does he do park right in front of me when he could have pulled more ahead.

I also photographed an interesting statue here in Mauritius of a horse. Usually he is spitting water out of his mouth but with water supply low his troph is getting empty. So I turned him into just "A Horse of Course"

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I even captured the all American Mickey Mouse on a wall in a small shop that also had a restaurant. Mickey Mouse is quit the host presenting the delicious Mauritius Menu in French.

Driving along I notice this man standing in front of the radio station. I think to myself I know that man I have seen him on tv or somewhere ....hummm.. Then my husband Avi says to me," You know that man?" "I say yes we know him!" He parked the motorcycle and we got off and made our way over to him. Avi of course has met with the man several times. I spoke in Creole Language to him and he said to me, "Oh you speak good Creole. How long have you been here?" I told him 1 year. He said for one year it is very fluent my Creole. This man is Bruno Raya otherwise better known as the famous singer "Master Kool B". I really love his music! I have been listening to it for quit some years now and my husband grew up listening to it. He took a photo with me and we chatted for a few minutes longer. Then we were on our way home.

To end the day here I drew my niece in colored pencil. Turned out interesting. She does like my daughter Serena said look like a little Dora the Explorer girl. Funny but until Serena said that I never thought about that of Acheetah. Now I look at here and think she is the little Dora the Explorer of Mauritius :)

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Drawing Mixed with a Touch of Digital

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Decided to do some drawing over the past few days.

Under the Street Light enjoying the evening as the wind blows slightly through her hair I wanted to enhance her beauty by shining a little light on the evening. Turning on the lights gave it a special glow and leaves a unique atmosphere I feel. With no worries she seems as if she is just enjoying the warm evening sitting on the brick barrier wall under them glowing bulbs.

Got some positive feedback from some fellow artist today on this piece and really appreciate their wonderful comments. Thank you kindly!

Roger Protsman~ "Cool piece of work, I like how you captured the actual look of night with the street lamps lit. Well done :-)"

Richard Rizzo~ "I like it too, great job Angela. :) "

Carmen Hathaway~ "Fun creativity Angela -- I love incorporating digital mode with traditional media -- leads to all manner of wonderful result -- like yours."

Wingsdomain Art and Photography~ "Hypnotic!"

Olga Hutsul~ "there is fabulous sense of stillness about her..."

Ernie Echols~ "in my opinion it is wonderful. I really like the glowing lights they really add that special touch. :)"

Laurette Escobar~ "cool beans missy ma'am"

Kathleen Struckle~ "Beautiful Angela"

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Makes me So Proud

She makes me so proud. My oldest daughter Michaela all grown into a lovely woman now.

Will be 17 in a few days and with the maturity of a woman much older. Talking to her is a blessing and a charm. Her insights on life so positive and geared in a successful future.

Seems happy and content with what she has. Very grateful and thankful for things in life. Respectful and well mannered. Fond of her grandmother I can see she has spent much time with her throughout the years and her grandmother has helped teach her a lot.

Expressive and opinionated she is also open to others opinions as well. This will lead her to a world of great success.

She is open on many subjects that others are overly judgmental about.

The little girl with the golden locks of curls in the little red dress tailored with white lace ruffles has all grown up into a very beautiful and well matured woman.

Painting many paintings to send her back home to the USA. One of her favorite subjects she wished a painting for is Lady Gaga.

Some may judge her and say she is way to much but Michaela shows a divine respect for Lady Gaga for being an expressive and well talented American Singer and Model.

Them Big Brown Eyes

Photography Prints 

Today she came to my room in the morning. Acheetah loves to come and visit Avinash (my husband) and I. Along with her brother Sahil they both spent the day running, laughing, and playing with us. Usually they are stealing my oil pastels and markers and making me pieces of art.

My husband and I are in the process of making a film of the island of Mauritius so we took a bunch of film clips today which will be in our movie when it's complete.

When I first came to Mauritius she could barely walk or talk and now she is a runner and a chatter box. It's so cute to here her spat those words out fast in Creole. Especially when she wants to tell a story.

The traditional little Hindu girl. With beautiful Indian colored skin and gorgeous black hair. She truly favors her ancestors which come from India.

Sure to never miss a day of fulfilling her customs. She is always wearing a cute little dress with dainty little sandals. Her Indian Red Thread tied around her wrist and black jewel (tika) on her forehead.

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The Indian Red Thread is a native Hindu custom. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE RED THREAD TIED AROUND THE WRIST It is customary for Hindus to tie a red thread - commonly called a mauli or kalava - on the wrist at the beginning of a religious ceremony. The thread is tied on the right wrist of men and the left wrist of women. The literal meaning of mauli is 'above all'. Here the reference is to the head that stands high. With the moon perched on top of Shiva's head he is referred to as Chandramauli. A person often puts on the red thread on one’s wrist when doing a ceremony, ritual or puja, such as worship to the Ganga River, a deity, or for certain blessings. The thread helps preserve or imbibe those blessings when it is tied around one’s wrist during the ceremony. The practice of tying the thread dates back to the time when Vamana Bhagwan tied this holy thread on the wrist of the progressive King Bali to grant him immortality. The thread can also be called a raksha or rakhi, and is put on the brother by the sister to show the sister’s familial love. The knots in the thread are said to hold the love of the sister when she tied the knot. Thus, the brother wears the rakhi as a sign of his sister’s love and wishes for protection. In other arrangements, the knots tied in the rakhi as the red strings are given to guests or tied around their wrists before a special ceremony or reception is also considered to hold the goodwill of those who offer it.

The meaning of the dots or jewels on a Hindu woman's forehead.The red dot is a symbol of her marriage. A North Indian woman wears a red streak on the parting of her hair. An unmarried woman sometimes wears a black dot on her forehead. This black color is used to counteract the effect of the evil eye. If a lovely young girl gets too many compliments, Indians feel that some kind of harm may come to her, so this dot repels evil influences. Modern young misses match the dots on their foreheads with the color of their saris today. This is not traditional but only a fashionable act.

Her brother Sahil sure to always tease her like a normal little 8 year old .Very protective though as he constantly watches over her. At the age of testing patience of adults Sahil is sure to make his Nannie (grandmother by mothers side) frustrated at times.

Here it is customs for them to call Avinash which is actually there second cousin Mamoon. To call me his second cousin in law they address me as Mommy Pari. When talking to their father they call him Papa. There mother they call Mom or Momma. Grandmother (fathers mother) is called Dadi.

This took a while for me to become atone to the different name title customs. I can't even tell you Dadi (my husband's grandmother by father) real name or Nannie (grandmother by mother) name. It is very disrespectful to address them by real name and unacceptable.

Today Dadi corrected Acheetah when she called my husband Avi. She is to call him Mamoon and nothing else out of the order. Last time she visited she misspoke and  called me Pari and was corrected. Much the same with my husband's Aunt by marriage; Avi and I address her as Mama Mariann.

Children here are corrected by words. They are never spanked.

Simple things such as a soccer ball (which here they call a football) are great entertainment for a young boy. A cute little doll may be seen by the side of a little girl but it is not often. The thumb of little Acheetah and a simple little cloth are her favorites.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Great Escape

Expressive feelings through the pain of the brush. Layer after layer applying coats to cover up pain. Negatives pointed on a constant basis by others seems to appear visible through the colors of life.

Artists seeking another world through the hidden crevices of the canvas. Living life to be what others want is no form of media for an artist.

Then stands all alone and desperate a blank canvas calling for one to express every felt emotion from an artist. Confusion and sadness in many forms. Happiness far and few between the works of art.

Splash and brushing the colors to manage the lines and shapes with dripping tears washing away the first layer.

The Greatest Escape from the pain of real life for an artist is inside the art they produce.

Currently hosting a contest "Expressive Feelings Within" surprisingly most artists express feelings of pain and sadness over happiness. It's amazing finding out what artists paint mostly through hosting a contest. 

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

"From Land of the Free to the Lonely Planet Health Care Differences"

So I am used to a very clean and safe environment that is well contained in seeking health care at a hospital in America. Manners such as sterilization, masks,gloves and all around cleanliness are well taken care of in America.
The health care here in Mauritius is highly neglected and poorly operated. Seeking medical treatment here is almost asking for a case of something else. Obviously they must be aware of the neglect because there are police posted within the hospital. Cleaning personnel seems to not be available. The walls made of concrete and dingy yellow colored. Much the same as the supposed to be white coats the doctors where. When given a pain killer shot the nurse draws from an uncovered glass vile of medication. With no gloves on her hands she is obviously unaware of what harm she is putting herself through by not taking safety measures.Another nurse taking temperatures of other patients under the arm with a small digital thermometer. When she is through temping one patient she drops it in a cup and does not even sterilize it before the next patient. The disgusted look on my face must have been well apparent as they made no attempt to take my temperature. Rude nurses yelling at patients who are also rude and pushy. No order or decent manners of any such exist in the hospital here. They are building a brand new hospital here. I only hope they also update and renovate the medical health care providers.

I would be deathly afraid to have a child here in these hospitals. I think it would be best for a female to hire a private doctor for home delivery.

In America nurses are usually more caring as well as doctors. The cleanliness in America shines in all of the medical care and treatment. People talk to one another with respect and wait their turns. Doctors take the time to listen to patients. Health and safety measures are a five star in American Medical Facilities.

Friday, 17 June 2011

A dear friend to All

Ernie Echols 

from Colorado Springs, CO - United States

1st Place Winner of the "Sea Life" Contest!

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 Ernie Echols a fine artist who resides in the great state of Colorado. He is drawn in by the inspiration of the beautiful nature and scenery surrounding him.

Ernie has found deep and devoted ways to express his talents through his inspirations. His talents are well defined in his wildlife and nature photography. He spends most of his free time searching for that special shot and his ability to get up close to wildlife enables him to capture unique photos. He always manages to capture the expressions and moods in the faces of wildlife.

Broadening his horizons he has developed a unique style of digital painting. He renders digital paintings that create strokes of beauty and textures sure to catch the viewers attention.

To become one with nature as if one was actually there can be accomplished through deep observation of Ernie's galleries.

Here are a few more of his wonderful pieces:

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Ernie is a great friend to many. Not just to humans. He also bonds and forms a unique friendship often at times with his subjects. Recently Ernie's heart had been saddened by the loss of a dear and fond friend of his. Here is his story:

"Cheyenne Mountain Zoo experienced an irreplaceable loss Friday, May 27, 2011, when Elson, the zoo's 16-year-old male African lion, passed away. Elson was receiving end of life care, and at the time of his death, was under anesthesia for treatment of a dental infection. It was during the procedure that Elson's heart stopped. Typical life expectancy of African lions in captivity is 14 to 20 years.

Elson's legacy is two-fold. He contributed critical founder genetics to the North American Lion Species Survival Plan (SSP) through his 13 cubs and at least seven grandcubs. These descendents live at Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) facilities all across the U.S., including Abilene, Bronx, Pueblo, San Francisco, Minot, Tulsa, Akron, Baltimore, Birmingham, and here in Colorado Springs. " ~Ernie Echols~

Not only does Ernie have a great ability at capturing and becoming one with his subjects but he captures the heart of all those whom know him.

Here is his full tribute to his dear friend Elson :

Photography Prints

Photography Prints

Art Prints

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Never an unkind word spoken from Ernie. Helpful at times of need and grateful for all he is granted. Sacrificing and hard working this is an artist that inspires all of God's Creations.

Please visit his site here:

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

"From Land of the Free to the Lonely Planet, The Indian Ocean"

The Indian Ocean a place where my husband and I love to spend alot of free time.

The Indian Ocean is the third largest of the world's oceanic divisions, covering approximately 20% of the water on the Earth's surface.

The Indian Ocean is known as Ratnakara in the ancient Sanskrit literature. Ratnakara means "the maker (creator) of gems". It's also called Hindu Mahasagara(m) in Indian languages.

On June 4th, 2011 we spent a wonderful day at the ocean together. Collecting short film clips for our movie we are making of Mauritius and many beautiful photos.

It turned out to be an extremely beautiful day for acquiring great photos. While breathing in a bit of the ocean air and setting on the shores of the ocean we took in all of the advantages of the day.

Like a lion roaring the waves came crashing to the shores. Struggling to photograph the shoreline waves the strength of the water almost knocks me to my knees.

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Almost connecting with our feet. It were as if a tsunami were in the making. The waves as tall as almost 14 ft high at times. Sailboats struggling for their every movement against the strong waves of the Indian Ocean.

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As the Coast Guard was certain to make their rounds to make sure everyone was alright.

People scream and jump with utter excitement into the gigantic waves as if they were on a roller coaster. This is the wettest thrill for the Mauritiuns. Anxious to catch some of those thunder rolling waves my husband and I dive in for a swim.

Like a musical rhythm being orchestrated the waves harmonize the notes and scale together a beautiful symphony. If anything can ever compare to the inspiration of God's true wonders; It is the breaths erupting from the bottom of the waters in which God blows to the sandy shores of the Indian Ocean. 

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Thursday, 9 June 2011

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