Wednesday, 25 May 2011

When the most Unwanted becomes the most Needed

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  Worlds most unwanted turns to needed. This is well noted for happening in life. Not just in one particular subject, place, person, or object.

  When humans crave something the most is when its gone or the person or behind it has vanished. Take for example famous stars, famous painters, actors, even humans of the everyday life.

  At the time no one cared at the time. The thought of keeping the unwanted around did not appeal to ones mind. Taken for granted and considered wasted airspace.

 The unwanted all alone no life beyond what is known as solitude. Watching the rest of the world from afar wondering if there place in this big world for just one more. Not knowing when time will expire, not knowing if there will be a next day.

  Just a glimpse, just a thought, a simple care of the unwanted's being could change an aspect on life.

  Then all unwanted is departed. How will the unwanted reproduce? How will it's legacy live on? How can one live without the unwanted now that they have gone?

   Castaway into the corner to be filled with a collection of dust and not thought of a great polishing until the unwanted has disappeared.