Thursday, 30 June 2011

Shopping., Photo with Bruno Raya, and more....

Fun day at Port Louis today. Here in Mauritius shopping is always fun because there are so many little markets to browse around. So many colorful things and a wide variety of choices.

Today my husband and I were shopping for gifts to send home for my daughter Michaela and my son Ron who both have birthdays. Michaela turns 17 today and Ron just turned 10 on the 27th of June. I found Michaela this absolutely gorgeous heavy bracelet. With a butterfly on it and beautiful purple and other colored jewels. I am also sending her home a ring my grandmother Shirley gifted me a few years back. She has passed away now. I thought it would be a nice inheritance for Michaela something she can cherish always that is handed down from generations. Someday if she has a daughter maybe she will gift it to her daughter years down the road. We also included a lovely birthday card as well for her. For Ron we found the cutest little stocking cap in Mauritius African colors with an African logo on it. He also has a cute little card my husband chose for him included. Next month they will be getting another package from us which will include some paintings for Michaela.

We stopped and bought a few other things as well that we needed. Of course I had to restock my sketch pad and paper supply as well as colored pencils. There is an urgency inside of me that cannot go without because it is a must for me to sketch. paint, etc... on a daily basis.

Walked around a bit and took a few pictures as well. One photo I wanted to take of a fruit stand the man told me no I could not when I asked his permission that was after I bought a cup of fruit to. I figured he can't tell me I can't take a photo of the cup of fruit I bought. This fruit is one of my favorites. It is known as Lychee (Litchi chinensis)

The fruit is juicy and so sweet specially when it is in its peak ripeness. Ripe fruit has red to almost maroon red. It has bigger seed compare to other varieties, but it is one of the favorite because of its outstanding taste.

While I was trying to photograph the prison window here a driver in a van obviously sees me photographing so what does he do park right in front of me when he could have pulled more ahead.

I also photographed an interesting statue here in Mauritius of a horse. Usually he is spitting water out of his mouth but with water supply low his troph is getting empty. So I turned him into just "A Horse of Course"

Art Prints

I even captured the all American Mickey Mouse on a wall in a small shop that also had a restaurant. Mickey Mouse is quit the host presenting the delicious Mauritius Menu in French.

Driving along I notice this man standing in front of the radio station. I think to myself I know that man I have seen him on tv or somewhere ....hummm.. Then my husband Avi says to me," You know that man?" "I say yes we know him!" He parked the motorcycle and we got off and made our way over to him. Avi of course has met with the man several times. I spoke in Creole Language to him and he said to me, "Oh you speak good Creole. How long have you been here?" I told him 1 year. He said for one year it is very fluent my Creole. This man is Bruno Raya otherwise better known as the famous singer "Master Kool B". I really love his music! I have been listening to it for quit some years now and my husband grew up listening to it. He took a photo with me and we chatted for a few minutes longer. Then we were on our way home.

To end the day here I drew my niece in colored pencil. Turned out interesting. She does like my daughter Serena said look like a little Dora the Explorer girl. Funny but until Serena said that I never thought about that of Acheetah. Now I look at here and think she is the little Dora the Explorer of Mauritius :)