Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Drawing Mixed with a Touch of Digital

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Decided to do some drawing over the past few days.

Under the Street Light enjoying the evening as the wind blows slightly through her hair I wanted to enhance her beauty by shining a little light on the evening. Turning on the lights gave it a special glow and leaves a unique atmosphere I feel. With no worries she seems as if she is just enjoying the warm evening sitting on the brick barrier wall under them glowing bulbs.

Got some positive feedback from some fellow artist today on this piece and really appreciate their wonderful comments. Thank you kindly!

Roger Protsman~ "Cool piece of work, I like how you captured the actual look of night with the street lamps lit. Well done :-)"

Richard Rizzo~ "I like it too, great job Angela. :) "

Carmen Hathaway~ "Fun creativity Angela -- I love incorporating digital mode with traditional media -- leads to all manner of wonderful result -- like yours."

Wingsdomain Art and Photography~ "Hypnotic!"

Olga Hutsul~ "there is fabulous sense of stillness about her..."

Ernie Echols~ "in my opinion it is wonderful. I really like the glowing lights they really add that special touch. :)"

Laurette Escobar~ "cool beans missy ma'am"

Kathleen Struckle~ "Beautiful Angela"