Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Great Escape

Expressive feelings through the pain of the brush. Layer after layer applying coats to cover up pain. Negatives pointed on a constant basis by others seems to appear visible through the colors of life.

Artists seeking another world through the hidden crevices of the canvas. Living life to be what others want is no form of media for an artist.

Then stands all alone and desperate a blank canvas calling for one to express every felt emotion from an artist. Confusion and sadness in many forms. Happiness far and few between the works of art.

Splash and brushing the colors to manage the lines and shapes with dripping tears washing away the first layer.

The Greatest Escape from the pain of real life for an artist is inside the art they produce.

Currently hosting a contest "Expressive Feelings Within" surprisingly most artists express feelings of pain and sadness over happiness. It's amazing finding out what artists paint mostly through hosting a contest.