Wednesday, 22 June 2011

"From Land of the Free to the Lonely Planet Health Care Differences"

So I am used to a very clean and safe environment that is well contained in seeking health care at a hospital in America. Manners such as sterilization, masks,gloves and all around cleanliness are well taken care of in America.
The health care here in Mauritius is highly neglected and poorly operated. Seeking medical treatment here is almost asking for a case of something else. Obviously they must be aware of the neglect because there are police posted within the hospital. Cleaning personnel seems to not be available. The walls made of concrete and dingy yellow colored. Much the same as the supposed to be white coats the doctors where. When given a pain killer shot the nurse draws from an uncovered glass vile of medication. With no gloves on her hands she is obviously unaware of what harm she is putting herself through by not taking safety measures.Another nurse taking temperatures of other patients under the arm with a small digital thermometer. When she is through temping one patient she drops it in a cup and does not even sterilize it before the next patient. The disgusted look on my face must have been well apparent as they made no attempt to take my temperature. Rude nurses yelling at patients who are also rude and pushy. No order or decent manners of any such exist in the hospital here. They are building a brand new hospital here. I only hope they also update and renovate the medical health care providers.

I would be deathly afraid to have a child here in these hospitals. I think it would be best for a female to hire a private doctor for home delivery.

In America nurses are usually more caring as well as doctors. The cleanliness in America shines in all of the medical care and treatment. People talk to one another with respect and wait their turns. Doctors take the time to listen to patients. Health and safety measures are a five star in American Medical Facilities.