Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Never really about the Artist

   Never really about the Artist. Its about the soul that lies deep within the artist. The one who carries out a legend. Expressing life and all around them. Exploring and venturing into a world in which one will try and figure out.

  The emotions that run through an artist explode into the canvas like a volcano erupting. Often later an admirer of that canvas will stand there and wonder how the artist accomplished that and what was on their mind.

A good artist is said to strive to better themselves and learn new. While being able to handle constructive criticism. If its just really only about the artist then that artist don't need constructive criticism and there is no room for change or improvement in there career.

Its about binding with others alike and building relationships with fellow artists. Admiring there opinions and as well as their work. About respect and learning to forgive. After all a canvas can be pretty forgiving. It's pretty blank until an artist fills it with ideas and suggestions.

About the viewers and what they may choose to cherish of yours for many years to come.

It's about the canvas and rather its going to take a liking to your ideas that day. The paint and rather its going to flow well. The differences in mediums and if they can come to a compromise and meet in the middle.

About life and the ability to get through the hardest times while accepting falses and moving forward only to look back with the knowledge that you have learn from the mistakes, hard times and downfalls.

Expression and finding a way to well define it.

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