Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Native American Indian Pride Contest on FAA 1st and 3rd Place Winner

1st and 3rd Place Winner of the Native American Indian Pride contest on Fine Art America is Mia DeLode.
1st Place "It's More Than Just Footwork" Photography Prints Mia DeLode is a fourth generation rancher from central Montana. Born and bred to be part of the rural west, she is an accomplished painter, sculptor, and writer of the culture, animals, people and the humor that is unique to western living. Her paintings appear in many shows and her writing has been featured in Crazy Woman Creek published by Mariner books, a three part anthology of western women. Mia has been showing at the C.M.Russell Auction and Show at Great Falls, Montana since 2006 as well as other national shows including the Mountain Oyster in Tucson, Arizona, Empire 110 in Tucson Arizona and the Art Festival in San Dimas, California. She was given special recognition by the Great Falls Historical Museum for her work titled “1890’s First Responders” featuring the last working team of fire horses in the United States. 3rd Place "Sacred Traditions" Sell Art Online A huge and well deserved Congratulations Mia!! Fantastic work!!!