Thursday, 14 May 2015

Sha Wen Ne Gun 1857 Ojibwe

Sha Wen Ne Gun 1857 Ojibwe copyright Pari Chumroo This Ojibwe woman named Sha Wen Ne Gun comes from the same tribe I am of. As part of my Idle No More series I sensed an urgency to include Sha Wen Ne Gun and recreate her portrait in my own way from Eastman Johnson's version. A well known American portrait painter/sketcher Eastman Johnson once sketched Sha Wen Ne Gun in 1857. Eastman Johnson was known as the American Rembrandt in his day. Johnson was successful in getting many Ojibwe to sit for him as subjects. My Idle No More Series will consist of 100 pieces to include members from tribes throughout the United States and Canada. This will include early photos from the early 1900's on back as far as the 1500's. Our people are not to be left silenced and unheard. With this series our ancestors will live again and be Idle No More. The originals will be a traveling gallery which will move from one location to the next to share with the people of this land. Although, no originals will ever be for sale prints are available. If you wish for a signed print directly from me please feel free to email me. Sell Art Online