Saturday, 14 April 2012

We Named Her "Angel On the Water"

She lives in the wild and has attached to us. This was the first time I photographed her. I happen to be one of those humans in which animals come right up to. She wierdly adopted herself to us. She lives in the Marina which is in my front yard. This is the first time I photographed her :Art Prints This is the second time I photographed her. Funny thing is I was telling her, "Wow you are a poser aren't you?" Suddenly it was as if she was a born model each time I said that to her she would turn every way for a new pose. My son whom is ten just laughed and said, "Wow Mom that is amazing. How do you get a wild animal to do that?" Art Prints We named her "Angel on the Water" we even feed her now. We began doing so tonight after she kept coming to me when I would call her.