Monday, 5 September 2011

Inspiration from the Ground Up ~All at the Touch of the Fingers~

Amazing what one can conquer by touching something. I have developed a love for touching what I am painting. Many may say that touching a piece you are painting with your fingers is a big no no.

When I paint with my fingers I feel the magic of the piece come to life. I often feel my fingers are guiding my eyes to go into the right direction.

As I look through my portfolio of what I have accomplished this year my eyes is most attracted to the pieces that are more bold and beautiful.Those which I have painted by fingers happen to be the most bold and beautiful.

I love feeling the magic at my fingertips when I create a piece.

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Inspired by Carla Carson to try charcoals I today created my first ever charcoal piece. Although I was nervous working with charcoals I managed to conquer the media well with the use of my fingers.

Here is the piece I created from charcoals:

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Here are a few from Inspiring Artist: Carla Carson

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To my dear friend Carla: "With delicate emotion you have way of bringing to life a season" © Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo

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Thank you Carla for Inspiring me!!!