Monday, 5 September 2011

High School Art Reunion!!!! Do you have any Art from High school?

Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo

"Soooo exciting!!!! I got this in an email today :) from my high school friend. So I decided it was time to restore the little crab :) LOL I did not even remember drawing this for her until she showed sent it to me today.

I drew this 19 years ago in my good friend Amy's yearbook at the end of our freshman year in high school. Today August 20,2011 Amy scanned it and sent me the file. In my next piece of art you will see where I digi painted it and restored it. This is the only yearbook that survived a house fire Amy had. What a treasure to have old high school art I drew that many years ago!"
~Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo~

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"A year in the past is treasure box in itself but a piece of art from a yearbook in the past is a chunk of gold from that treasure box "©Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo

Jeffrey Campbell in response to Angela Pari Dominic Chumroo statement above

"How thoughtful of your friend to send it to you! We just had our 30th reunion last month - where have all those days gone?"

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Andee Photography in response to Art from Highschool

"My art from high school was lost in the move over 20 years ago! Sigh....I do have a few poster board drawings that my grandfather had hanging on his walls and when he past I was able to have them. That is all I have left. I wish my kid could have seen them. The yearbooks seem to have be lost as well! Sigh again! Although I do have 3 elementary yearbooks and the year I was in 1st grade out local team won the Super bowl and they had a photo of the team. In 2004 or 5 I had a chance to meet the Football Hall of Fame QB of that era and had him sign by his photo. He had never seen one before and so he took time to look at it. Very cool he took the time to look at it. Odd he never had seen one before that.

I had a couple portrait drawings that made it into an art magazine book for those two years or maybe one..anyway I can not find those either. Sad to loose the cool stuff!"
~Andee Photography~

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Roger Swezey

"The only class reunion my school had was the 35th year reunion, 23 years ago.

I recognized all the females, for they started out as fine young ladies and remained as fine young ladies.

With the guys, I didn't recognized any of them, for they started out as little boys and ended up as little old men.

Now, with high school artwork, the work I can readily get to, is my work in the year book.

This design was created for a poem about the beauty in decay....I saw paint peeling and felt it was perfect...The poem never made it but the background remained.

(by the way, the author of the top poem, Nina Castelli, is the daughter of Leo Castelli) "

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"Here's other work I did for the yearbook...More in keeping of what they might expect...cartoons."

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"By the way, the "Negative" was done by filling in with black ink...I thought that using a negative print was cheating." ~Roger Swezey~

Beth Akerman

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"I have all my artwork from high school in my garage, and all the artwork of both my children too. This is one that I painted back my senior year of high school in the early 80s." ~Beth Akerman~

Warren Sarle

"I was a yearbook photographer for three years in high school, taking about half the photos. Those yearbooks are online. We did artsy-fartsy things like solarization and montages and fisheye photos. But I think my sports photos are better. So here's 2/3 of a solarized football photo (it was spread over two pages):" ~Warren Sarle~

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Carla Carson

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"This was my first drawing in art class my senior year of high school. I still remember the boy next to me saying wow, thats really good. I dont remember who the boy was as it was a loooooooooooooong time ago. I just remember being happy that he liked it & said so." ~Carla Carson~

Shasta Eone

"OMG --- 1954 .... The Glendale ... " Dynamiters " ! I was the one who did the cartoon character on tons of posters through high school along with all the prom posters, banners and theme decorations. But all my albums, year books, etc. were lost in a fire. The only thing left are the seven gold key awards won ( 1st place ) through four years of L.A. city wide school district competitions.

But this thread sure stirred up .... a whole LOT of delightful memories. Thanks for that.
"~Shasta Eone~

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Roger Protsman

"High school stuff LOL Now this is cool and so very interesting :-)

For me the earliest stuff that I still have (no idea why I keep it around) is from 1967/8 from art classes in high school.
From an old (ok very old LOL) sketch pad they are not all on one page I just put em together for show n tell here :-)"
~Roger Protsman~

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Betsy Jones

"The only image I could find that was already photographed... my parents saved EVERYTHING... and are still displaying a good bit of my work from High School, lol... This would have been from 1998, my Junior year in HS. Was just a doodle I did during a lecture in my Latin IV class HAHA"~Betsy Jones~

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Marlene Burns

"nothing from high school left..including the newspa;ers from kennedy's assassination and the last year of life magazine the first time it stopped.
my mom turned my bedroom into an upstairs den when i left for college....i came home to a lime green and turquoise striped room with lounge sofas and a disco ball for a light!
~Marlene Burns~

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