Thursday, 18 August 2011

An Oldie but a Goodie

On Saturday my husband took me out to lunch and to enjoy a few hours on the Harbour Front. It is always so interesting to visit the Harbour Front. The different nationalities and generations of people, the minute food courts with a variety of spicy foods, the attractive sea side waters lined with boats along the port coming from different countries usually displaying the country's flag from which it came. At times we will see a man playing a saxophone and a beautiful woman singing along to his delightful tunes. Other times we listen to a full band echoing their notes across the Indian Ocean along the Harbour Front.

This day we first enjoyed some spicy food from a restaurant in the food court. This was my first meal of the next day after breaking my fast so I had to eat something with fish. I enjoyed a spicy fish banquette with some chips and a coke. My husband on the other hand was not fasting the previous day so he chose at this time to eat a lamb banquette with a salad, chips, and a juice drink. While waiting for him to bring the food over to the table I had this cute little bird land on the chair next to me as if he were ready to talk.

We finished our meal then walked about the harbour front and took photos of the ocean and the boats. My husband thought I was a bit crazy taking photos of this old boat. As I told him though this to me is the most interesting boat here. "An Oldie but a Goodie" to me.

Then there she was flying in the wind off the side of a boat with the glorious red, white, and blue the American Flag. Again "An Oldie but a Goodie" to myself the flag is to my eye well known but always a goodie in my heart. All the way from the "Land of the Free" a fellow American lay there reading her book and catching some sun. When she ended reading her book I went over and introduced myself and began a conversation. She had been traveling at sea for five years with her husband. She came from Portland. Oregon in the USA. They had been to several countries one including Australia. She asked a bit about the country of Mauritius and we spoke a while before the rain put a damper on our conversation.

It was very nice meeting with a fellow American here in Mauritius. My husband was shy to even allow me to go over and speak with her. I reassured him it is alright as Americans have a great connection with one another and enjoy seeing one another in a foreign country.

To conclude the day my husband was able to learn a bit of my cultural ways which was very nice.